Who iAm

March 5, 2014
by Jana Bou Reslan

A woman with no mask iAm

A generous productive person

capable of loving you for who you are.

Creativity has instilled in me the ability

to let go of certainties…

So know that when I love,

I don’t see you as a first prize medal

or a safety net against a world of free-falling objects.

Newton has his way, yes!

ButI have you as my way that never falls or fails

to convince me of how you keep rising among waves,

intertwined between the desire to reconnect with nature

and the rational fields of separateness.

This is the love of life,  and I chose to give birth

to myself daily! There, I discover my own

ideas, ability, values, and uniqueness.

For paradoxically only then, iAm able to feel this

great amount of respect for You

as a beautiful separate individual.

Now That is sacred.

Now that is how iAm blessed through you!

So when I say “I love you”, it won’t mean

“I see me in you”, or “I will possess you”.

That only, simply, holistically means:

iLove You.