My Decaf New World

March 5, 2014
by Jana Bou Reslan

Spilling a full cup of coffee over my new laptop,

A new planet Earth was shaped onto the souls of my keyboard.

It can only type new languages now that coffee

drew continents all over again.

Certain keys like L.I.F.E. became fresh new islands

that stand up for themselves!

Others went in for total make-over changes, like Shift: in awareness,

Control: over one’s self only, Like Option: in love unconditionally,

Like Delete: insecurity, Like Return: to new big worlds all the time,

Like Escape: busyness, like Enter: fulfillment in the here and now,

Like Function: at your full potential, like Power: On

Like Power: On. Like Power: ON ~ always and in CAPS LOCK.