March 7, 2014
by Jana Bou Reslan

I hope you are surrounded by the kind of people who value you without trying to put you down, who wouldn’t ever compromise your well-being for the sake of their comfort, who would be considerate of your energy and space and time, who are aware of healthy distances even in the nearest of family ties. I hope you find a way to draw your own frame of values and what suits and defines your relationship with them if they have lost the way. I hope you defend your right to see the thin line between being unrightfully daring or selfish.

I hope you live, laugh, and love so much before all the meaningful people around you find Home. I hope they find home in you when they need to sail away from a rainy day, when they are back from a treacherous adventure, when you call their name and they hear you right away. I hope you take the time to reflect and see and seek to be a better version of yourself. I hope you recreate your life and realize the difference between creativity and innovation. I hope you write down all your dreams on a wish list and believe in them and believe in your rights and writings and that it is about authenticity and not reinventing the wheel.

I hope you wake up one morning to breathe from your depths until it shifts your paradigm to do good for good.