A Lens

March 8, 2014
by Jana Bou Reslan

Oh world how much you taught me in thirty-six days
I was all over cities, in Uncle Sam’s states
Saw the beauty of Chicago and the Getty of L.A
Smelled the misty San Francisco, had a feast everyday!

Had my shadow rest under that, of Saint Louis Arch
Swapped my fear for hope from the Grand Canyon lark
dipped myself in Las Vegas; gambled na da for a spark
of entertainment? But I work hard, for this game of card.
Money is not yet growing on our pomegranate tree backyard

But in Houston things changed. Like a Diva, I went shopping
Watched a Lebanese production movie, happy to be dropping
A Hooray or two at the box office there. Ours are only slopping,
Hesitant to encourage our own art, politically… most are mopping
Floors for self-interest gains. Came back home, same people whopping
Sectarian parties, throwing surprise grenade parties, the army copping

In some areas, “It’s all up to you.” In others, “It’s self-managed or else”
I finished my exams today, went out for social visits, got immense
articulated feedback on how I should lead a good life, with suspense
of a lecturer or a judgmental Lebanese fellow, an exact Synonym hence
on focusing my attention on the future, with no regard to the past or present tense
Oh world, we’re the “perfect nation”, but travelling is there to thankfully cleanse
Our blurred vision of who we think we are…it’s a matter of perspective, quality,
and definitely a lens.