Call M.E

March 5, 2014
by Jana Bou Reslan

Some show up with wide-open hearts,

in tiny bud vessels, white and red darts

open, like new-born birds to light

Refer to ME today as: CHILD

Squeeze, and the soft skin will

get the honey out; no secret, no pin

All wonders, all-natural…

Get back to ME as: FIG

Gold or black gold in 2 forms

a fig is like a child, forlorn

We get them out of their skin at times

the honey melts down the cradle in crimes

knocking their heads out of a branch or two

parents are there, if you need them. Won’t you?

Grant wings of birds so they may fly

raising men needs roots but speaks lullabies


Acapella, the path of free men with free will

Putting random voices to “chill” together

Differences work out only for the better

of human ‘dignity, welfare, and kind’

Mosaic negotiates, the states compromise

Hashtag ME in: #BORDERS

Followers or following all are

“situated” existentially on Earth afar

of noises from the jungle or the Amazon

can find you a cheap book, an old river,

but the dawn is for all; now press the button,

and cry ME: MEANING

Give meaning to figs and rain and rainfalls

Give thanks to child and mother and St. Paul

I am a Muslim, a Hindu, a spiritual, a jewel

But Christ loves me and you and all

for humanity’s the basic spirit’s call


I claim no doubt, nor fear the mighty institution

in politics, the charmer is source of confusion

O.M.G could be when “Opportunity Meets Grave”

Ask Dante, he’ll tell you of devils to save.

The real Inferno is here based right in Earth

Be free to think; it’s a right of birth

Co-create ME: the SYSTEM

A map restructured by land and climate

An area, not Caribbean, attracting a pirate

The term “oil” brings in all the turmoil

Many religions knew life from this soil

engraving unease in the midst of an east

perilous and scary like Beauty meeting Beast

when that rose, on its way, losing the remaining leaves

I am the Middle East; Just name M.E: PEACE!