Conversation With A Tree by Josiane Azar

October 31, 2015

The tree looked at my sad face and asked:

-What took away your smile my child?

-Oh tree, I am trying so hard not to get affected by change but things seem to happen differently then what I expected…

The tree inhaled for me and said:

Us trees have witness centuries of changing skies, we endured broken branches from mad winds, cutting knives from mad people, cold looks from humans as they drift away from loving us…

And yet we kept giving shadow for those who seek shelter from the sun, houses for birds, beauty for those who understand what they see, breath for those who breathe.

You see my dear, we trees have roots, we are grounded to our source, whatever comes our way we embrace for we understand that the crazy wind that breaks our branches brings clouds and rains for us to grow…

So I tell you today, don’t try so hard to change, don’t! Don’t change at all!

You have been blessed with two feet but you have forgotten your roots, observe the changes my child, accept them, let them be your wind and rain…for there hides your shining Sun.

Source: Weekend Hashtag Project

Source: Weekend Hashtag Project