Earth Stars by Josiane Azar

August 22, 2015

A tiny little star gazed at the earth
And saw tiny little lights
And every day she was dreaming up in her sky
Wondering what it would be like to be so beautiful and shiny just like the earth “stars”
She turned to the moon for help
She just needed to go down to earth and become an earth “star”!
And the moon just smiled and said:
My dear sweet star,
Can’t you see?
You are blinded by your own light
And you are mistaking the unreal to be real
Search no longer away from your home!
Just be still and close your eyes
Beyond your mind you will find a mirror
It is called a heart
Now, don’t be afraid to look!
And when you do you will see a bright shiny light
And that my child is nothing but your reflection
For You were a Star all along.

Gardens: stars