Expect by Sarah El Halabi

June 20, 2015

To all that showed me how emotion could dance itself into words.


Expect the unexpected

and when your pulse demands certainty-

lull your heart to sleep between the stars

but teach it not to wish upon something that is long dead

for stars are just magicians

that the moon powdered off

to keep our gods safe at night

Our gods?

Our gods wear capes

made of all the disappointments that become

our drugged dreams

we are all creative up to the age of 10

good old Picasso once said

maybe he was right and maybe-

he was not

we all like to think that we are absolutely infallible

that our imagination can outrun a lifetime of scribbling

that we can paint over reality

we all like to wear those capes and disappointments

that will by and by teach us how to smile

another somebody once said

when life gives you lemons

you make lemonade

he was a dreamer made of stars.


let’s agree on something

when life gives you lemons

they stay lemons

and their peels become fire fodder

that put our skies to sleep.

sarah kay