Freedom or Free Dumb

March 6, 2014
by Jana Bou Reslan

A wrong understanding of ‘freedom’ makes a ‘free dumb’. The two may well resonate the same, but the echo they bring into your life shapes up quite differently in outcomes.

Some things have nothing to do with being tolerant or cool. Don’t mix up concepts with principles like that. It is simply acknowledging that acting irresponsibly in words and actions is Not cool. It is rather more like choosing to make a fool out of one’s self. So please, every time you want to be different, be defiant enough to choose differentiation through ‘excellence’ and nothing less.

We do realize that being virtuous may be boring as Nicolas Taleb puts it. I say it is only a perception. Not reality. Reality—you make it. It is about what you believe to be true about yourself. So being virtuous is never boring to the mature, however. It is never bearing any doubt that you’re only doing what’s right. And that all other acts and facades worn are superfluous. When we act out of our ‘true selves’, it is always the kind gestures that show. That’s when one radiates alignment with their inner core; with their true being.

The categorizations of names and fame, people and property, swearing and swear words, extremes and ends, fables and labels create polarity. Polarity creates fear. Fear is the enemy of love. And there, a cycle so vicious starts to turn you around in a ‘typhoonic’ fashion.

What do you want to think when you look back at your life? That you were smart? Loving? Funny? That your life was a collection of memories that you own? That you were free? All the good traits you’d want to deserve and recall are yours when you’re actions are based in love and humility.

Humanity is never made better without a long compilation of trials of reasoning, responsibility, and responsiveness to the urge of making a better world come into Light.