March 8, 2014
by Jana Bou Reslan

Some noons make bad mornings look better
Like noon (النسوة), noon (الجماعة)

I remember when I used to be called Noon.
I used to think if I were Before,
I’d want to be the perfect sunrise coffee and sweet morning talk
If I were After,
I’d rather look like the times when your girl friends help you see through a foggy day
Even if you had a weird morning, a long busy afternoon, or an intense evening
Like pre-drinks to after-party, you’re in the same scale, range and cycle:
You rise up together, fall together, but most importantly
support the “celebration-mode: On” for one another

Noons are not so terrible after all. For when it strikes 12:00
Realizations of the “midday” and “midway” come into the scene
And you look back and forth and through
to see mornings of others’ days and their afternoons
that is, of the other “noons” around you (النسوة والجماعة)
You tell yourself what you realize: “I’m grateful for all the noons in my life.
What others can survive, I cannot dwell or think of for a second.”

Time guarantees some dreams to blossom
Others think they may well fade away.
What matters is what you think of them.
And how ‘you’ realize what you can still do
before you go to bed to seize another day
Before another morning, noon and afternoon.

Good Night!