Number Tree – May 2015 Retreat

July 14, 2015
by iAdmin

We at iPoetry, in collaboration with The Semi-Column Project – Beirut, had a wonderful retreat: Number TREE on May 3! It consisted of three sessions of Yoga, Herbal Teas & Health Habits, and Writing & Movement.

number tree-01 (1)

Place: TAFLA, Smar Jbeil (Batroun region near Rashana)

Date: May 3, 2015 starting at 11:00 a.m.

Limited seats: 30 places

The aim of this event was to de-stress from the busyness and stressful cycles of the everyday life through an atmosphere of playfulness in the midst of nature by acknowledging the simple joys in mindful moments to breath, play, write, move, and eat. The consecutive sessions promote self-expression and general wellness that challenge more than the mental, physical, and psychological levels of holistic and better living.

Benefits of Number Tree activities blend the power & serenity of a gentle yoga flow in the first session, only to move thematically into herbal teas & acquiring good health habits in the second workshop. The third workshop takes you on a self and community-based expedition of imagination and creativity through an exquisite session of writing with aligned body movements. The workshops flow from one session to another in a smooth fashion and what follows is a thematic transition.

So what were the “Number Tree” workshops all about?

1 The Yoga session developed follows a sequence themed around chest openers to unleash our innermost dimensions and longings to the surface. Being on time is important as doors close at 11:00 a.m. not to interrupt the yoga session flow. It is a Beginners level, so anyone can join! Feel free to bring you personal mat.

2- Writing & Movement workshop will be divided into two interconnected components: the yoga component and the writing component. We will learn how to manage the flow of both. Through the flow of the asanas and the breath, we will move into writing to complement the dance of the moment and appreciate the present and what it has to reveal to us within the practice of body and mind expression. This workshop will end in a circle of light- a circle for sharing, creating, and healing.

3- Herbal Teas & Health Habits tips session developed to explore different authentic herbal teas and to learn about the ideal health habits to develop + benefits of selected herbs and oils. Components of the workshop preparing long and short infusions and of course tea preparing and tasting.