Thank you, Ionesco by Anthropos

July 5, 2015

A kid feeding a rhinoceros

A dandelion

Silly boy, rhinoceroses are proud!

Don’t patronize him!


In recent news: “Rhinoceros tramples all over a home in the West Bank”


I have shouted long enough at the top of my lungs

That they have now become as thin as leaves.

I have cried long enough that my rosy cheeks

Have become as dry as the skin of a pomegranate.


Don’t blame me for putting my pen down,

Don’t blame me for selling my vocal chords

To buy a rifle.

Don’t blame me for fighting.


My voices have masked those of the voiceless long enough.

They have kept you on your high horse

Long enough, trembling with fear.

And now, that I have silenced them

And you, will finally come down

I can show you what it’s like

To have someone place a dandelion

On your grave.