The Great World of Auntie Grit by Maria M. Falaknaz

November 20, 2018

I glimpsed Auntie Grit with someone in the supermarket the other day

When a young girl of 8 with Cerebral Palsy collected herself up again between the isles.

I asked, “Auntie! How do you get your whole self together up like that?”


She looked at me right in the eye and pointed to Aisle #1.

Auntie Gee said, “Stress and mess are never on my counter.”

She swiftly dashed to Aisle # 2 which had less “pity-for-self”

and more beauti-ful heart that only allows “change” to bloom.


I exclaimed, “Where is that change and how do I welcome it?”

Her left arm rose to the left side, redirecting me to the “cash”ier.

I went there and for a change and got some anxie-tea from Aisle # 3

to walk down the aisles of life while committed only to my imagination.


Notice how some super isles keep you stranded on the Island of Fake:

Anti-grit — known for being extra solid

Anti-grit — disowning your growth mindset

Anti-grit — surrendering to failure


But there shines the girl with super powers. We meet at the supermarket cash counter at the end.

“Cerebral Palsy is one of the worlds”. She whispers, “To win your choices early on, I invite you to enter other worlds of: