Today’s Memory by Kolein Velvette Carlson

June 22, 2016

I believe artists to be the anomalous people in all the land. They care in colorful ways. They speak with hearts bleeding on their sleeves, without a bandage. They amble through life with funky shoes. Sometimes we don’t even notice them, these artists, who captivate our beings with words that come from out of the sky, with signs and pieces of metal and wood and string laying on tabletops…waiting. Introvert. Extrovert. Out loud laughers. Red-faced quiet smiles. Sweet eyes with quick glances. Some study. Some search. Some find our souls in one meeting, without us even looking.


Artists need.
Artists knead.
Artists color.
Artists colour.
Artists pair.
Artists pare.
Artists ad.
Artists add.
Artists days.
Artists daze.
Artists morn.
Artists mourn.
Artists heard.
Artists herd.
Artists profit.
Artists prophet.
Artists one.
Artists won.
Artists rain.
Artists reign.