What’s my Identity?

March 5, 2014
by Jana Bou Reslan

A gender? A nationality? A flag? A passport? A language?

I wonder if I’m still recognized to say ‘I am Human’.

Humanity is over-rated in the jungle we seem to live in nowadays; under the rule of chemical weapons and wars and death of thousands of humans… while ‘humans’ are being treated so inhumanely.

Some will laugh at the “I am human” notion. Others will cry as it is a flashing neon sign of: Anything but Humanity. I wonder if human rights are more difficult to achieve than animal rights.

I see many beauty icons turning into having faith in animals for security and love- in an attempt to restore their faith in life and worth and meaning.

Have we become “Loche Ness”? In my language, “Ness” means ‘humans’. In today’s media language, it seems to have become “Loche Ness” itself. Only now it is no longer a myth of a huge monster in the sea. Only now, it is no longer a story so unbelievable; so alleged. Because now, everybody can see the horror in children’s eyes while no monster is actually around. Because now, the world seems to be weaving cradle accessories of a monster, calling itself names I do not want to hear about!

In the name of peace, we hear “Security intervention”. In the name of hope, we hear the noise of “restlessness”. In the name of God, we hear fanatics preaching and so ironically in the name of religion, while no one peace pigeon hovers around their plans and ideologies. The whole region is sick of such pathology.

Since when does peace hire a spokesman or ‘woman’ in the name of humanity? Since when does love kill in the name of faith? Since when does faith recruit a middleman or woman to acquire Prometheus knowledge about fire? Since when have the cavemen and women left fire for a good cause as warmth or protection in a bargain for massive destroy?

Since when has identity been so shattering? I don’t want to be a girl anymore. I don’t want a nationality, a passport, a language, a flag, a race. I want to be dreamer like John Lennon, Martin Luther King, and Maria Montessori.

I refuse all the divisions and segmentation, fragmentation and segregation.

I am Bob Marley today and I am Madame Curie tomorrow. I understand that chemistry is innate in humans to love each other, and that love needs no alchemist to make it happen.

I am a believer that despite the loss, grieve, Loche Ness, and the lots and lots of lost humans and humans so lost, I am human and humanity passes through waves of crest and troughs, highs and lows, ups and downs, right and wrong.

I, am human and humans have wonderful gifts. While those may have names too, I’d recall only a few like: Dignity and Tomorrow